Tips to Deal With Postpartum Hair loss!


Did you know that an average woman sheds 100 hairs a day? However all this shedding increases once the estrogen level drops down after your baby is born. So if you were in love with your healthy and thick hair then be prepared to lose some of them post pregnancy. Scared already? Don’t Be!  Here are some tips that might help you to see less of your precious hairs on your brush.

1)      Keep hair dos as natural as possible

woman with simple hair do

One easy way to reduce the hair fall is to maintain a simple hairstyle. Most new moms go in for high maintenance or complex hair style. These styles apart from consuming a lot of time, increase the hair loss.  You can use hair pins or hair bands instead of tying your hair in a bun. Avoid any hair style that pulls hair and causes them to fall more. The starting months babies sleep a lot. Try going for an oil massage or applying protein rich substances like egg, mayonnaise and yogurt when your little one is busy dreaming.

2)      Eat a well-balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins (you can continue with your prenatal vitamins)

woman having balanced diet

Hair is composed primarily of proteins. The protein content is as high as 88%. Needless to say, you have to maintain a steady intake of proteins.  Eggs and dairy products have high protein content and if you are a non vegetarian then have fish and meat. We know its tough to take care of yourself with the new born. But one glass of milk,a cheese sandwich or a glass of protein shake would not take much of your time.

3)      Keep drinking water

Portrait of young woman drinking water

Your hair shaft is made up of one quarter of water. Make sure you keep drinking those 8 glasses of water to not only keep most of the diseases away but also reduce the post-partum hair loss.

Each new responsibility brings in new challenges and problems. We are sure our tips will keep your problems away and may you have wonderful moments with your little one that you can cherish always.  Till then take care of the precious two 😉


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